Nestled within the majestic peaks of the Himalayas lies Tibet, often referred to as the “Roof of the World”. Its high-altitude plateaus, rugged mountains, and pristine lakes create a unique habitat for an array of fauna. This article delves into the intriguing wildlife that inhabits the ethereal landscapes of Tibet.

Mammals of the Tibetan Plateau

The Tibetan Antelope

One of the most iconic animals of Tibet is the Tibetan Antelope, or Chiru. Adapted to high altitudes, this elegant creature is renowned for its fine wool, known as Shahtoosh. While Chiru has been endangered due to illegal poaching for its wool, conservation efforts are in place to protect this species.

Tibetan Antelope

Snow Leopards – Ghosts of the Mountains

The elusive Snow Leopard is another gem of Tibet’s wildlife. With its thick fur and long tail, it’s adeptly adapted to the harsh cold of the high mountains. Snow Leopards are categorized as vulnerable, with conservation organizations working tirelessly to safeguard their habitats.

Snow Leopard

Wild Yaks – Giants of the Plateau

Towering over the grasslands, the Wild Yak is a symbol of Tibet. These bovines, with their long fur and massive horns, play a vital role in the local ecosystem and are central to Tibetan culture.


Avian Wonders

Black-necked Crane – A Sacred Bird

The Black-necked Crane is considered sacred in Tibetan culture, one of the few alpine crane species. They are revered and often depicted in Tibetan art. With a population decreasing in numbers, efforts have been made to educate locals and protect their breeding grounds.

Black-necked Crane

Bearded Vultures – The Bone Eaters

Bearded Vultures, also known as Lammergeiers, are a striking sight in the skies of Tibet. With a wingspan reaching nearly 3 meters, these birds primarily feed on bones. Their cultural significance is evident in local folklore.

Bearded Vultures

Reptiles and Amphibians in the Tibetan Landscape

Himalayan Newt

The Himalayan Newt, found in the Tibetan Plateau’s high-altitude wetlands, is the only salamander species found in the region. With striking colours and an affinity for aquatic environments, this creature is a rare sight.

Himalayan Newt

The Lakes – An Aquatic Sanctuary

Fish of the Sacred Lakes

Tibet’s numerous lakes are considered sacred. The stunning Yamdrok Lake and Namtso Lake are not just visually arresting but are also home to several fish species adapted to high altitudes.