There is no doubt that we, in the Western world, need to do more to try to help free Tibet from the tyranny of the Chinese. Tibetans have been standing up to the Chinese ever since they stepped foot in Tibet and refused to keep their promises regarding helping to protect Tibet’s political structure and religion. For years, Tibetan monks have been setting themselves on fire (self-immolation) in protest against Chinese oppression; in fact, since 2009, it has been estimated that around 120 Tibetan monks have set themselves on fire. Every time a group of monks set themselves on fire it reaches news stations all over the world; however, the response is muted. The fact that these monks believe that setting themselves on fire is a viable option just goes to show how desperate and oppressed they are.

Below you will find a few things that you can do to try to help Tibet and its people escape sixty-six year of Chinese oppression:

  • You can organize events in your local area which explain in detail exactly what has been happening in Tibet over the past sixty-six years. By doing this, you will be keeping what is happening in Tibet well and truly alive. This means that those who might not be aware of the current situation in Tibet might find out and decide that they want to help out as well. The more people we can get talking about the wrongdoings by the Chinese in Tibet, the greater the chance we have of Western governments deciding that it is time to try to put a stop to Tibet’s oppression.
  • You can refuse to buy any goods which have been made in China. People still buy Chinese made products because they are a lot cspread-awarnessheaper than other similar products. However, when we buy goods from China, we are contributing to the communist regime which has been oppressing Tibet and its people for over sixty years. Therefore, in order to hit the Chinese government where it hurts, we should boycott Chinese products. Imagine just how much money the Chinese government would lose if 200 million people around decided to boycott their products.
  • You can also help make your own personal views heard by writing to local and national media, your local politicians, to the Prime Minister, to the local Chinese Embassy or to the Minister of Foreign Affairs etc.
  • You can join websites such as and thousand of individuals from all around the world and donate to one of the many fundraisers that are held to help Tibetian Refugees.
  • You can campaign for the release of political prisoners such as Tsewang Choephel. Resistance in Tibet is often led by nuns and monks and many are now in jail because of their protests. They do not get a fair trial and end up having to endure very long sentences in appalling conditions. Many monks and nuns have paid heavily for standing up for what they believe in. It is about time that someone stood up for them instead.
  • Create an exciting fundraiser which will help raise funds to give to those charities which are dedicated to helping free Tibet and its people from Chinese oppression. Make sure your fundraiser is advertised and labelled properly so that people are aware that it is happening and why it is happening. At the fundraiser, you can wear t-shirts with a relevant slogan on, hand out flyers with information about Tibet’s plight, put up informative posters etc.